You are going through a life transition.

you're changing careers or moving cities or becoming a mother

(or maybe you just know something needs to change, but you're not sure what)


But this transition is so much more than a different job title or address or a family. This transition is also about becoming who you are. Because you've come to the realization that you're no longer interested in societally-defined markers of "success" and you want to chart your own path.

Because you've noticed that your life doesn’t quite feel like “you” anymore, and you crave more alignment between the life you’re living and the life you want for yourself.

It's called a transition into alignment, and it feels to most women like an awakening, like getting back to their roots, to who they were before they started living by society's expectations of them.  They find themselves losing the need for external validation and getting really honest with themselves about what matters to them.

What women are saying about the Alignment Starter Kit

"Holy crap.  I have let life and expectations take over me.  This week I shut off my phone, went to the gym, updated my resume and started looking for jobs."


"I felt great by the end of the week.  This helped me focus on one thing while connecting to the bigger picture.  There is so much value to this.  I'm kind of blown away that you would give this away for free!"  


"My goals often feel daunting and big, but this has allowed me to say I did something that mattered every day."


What's the Starter Kit all about?

The Alignment Starter Kit will help you to:

Identify what areas of your life feel misaligned 
(hint:  most women going through this experience feel great about many aspects of their lives, and misaligned in one or two key areas)

Create a week's worth of tiny (aka totally do-able!) experiments that will help you to explore ways to find more alignment in one key aspect of your life

Take what you've learned and move forward toward more alignment with confidence, clarity and courage.

Ready to start feeling more like yourself again?

Women who have completed the Starter Kit have realized that tiny steps can create the conditions for massive change.  They've gotten in touch with who they are, what they love to do, their values, and their desires.  During their week of alignment experiments, they've felt calmer, more at ease, confident, courageous, and just really darn happy.

In just a week.

Find out what's possible: