overwhelmed scattered
disorganized unfocused






When you feel like this, it's really damn hard to be 

a woman

 a mother / partner / friend / lover / confidante / community member / sister / employee

a walking-on-the-earth goddess.
And we've all heard about self-care... can't pour from an empty cup and you have to put on your own oxygen mask first and (blah blah blah)

We've added that to the growing pile of "shoulds" we carry with us every day.

And yet attending to everyone else's needs without even recognizing your own is keeping you small... 

...without energy for the work of being the woman you want to be, feeling authentic and powerful and confidant and courageous

...or even just Calm.  Purposeful.  Focused.  Content. 

Grounded Goddess is an invitation to attend to your own needs. To explore self-care in a way that is deeply meaningful to you.

There are no bubble baths here, no expensive pedicures.  No assumptions about the scarcity or abundance of your time, and definitely no rules.

This is an invitation to live your life as if you're worthy of it.  

Grounded Goddess is a monthly e-gift of self-care that will support your transformation into the woman you want to be. 

Because self-care is the foundation for greater self-awareness, a new career, a different partnership, greater health, or whatever you feel called into right now.

Are you ready for more meaningful self-care?

When you sign up, each month you will receive an email on the New Moon (the time of new beginnings and setting intentions) We'll explore a new theme - a new way of thinking about self-care - every month

You'll receive a handful of delights from me:  a few self-coaching resources, the odd guided meditation and inspiring words, to name a few.

There are no shoulds here.

Just an invitation to explore self-care in a way that is meaningful and nourishing for you. So you can get on with your amazing life, cup full, oxygen mask firmly in place.